Ubuntu 18.04, nvidia drivers and second monitor

I installed Ubuntu 18.04 from scratch (I decided to switch to ROS Melodic ). Understandable that ubuntu did not see nvidia drivers by default. But as it works – do not touch. But I decided to connect a second monitor … I checked hdmi cable … well, the second monitor is not exist anyway.

I went to the Internet and frantically began to apply all founded on stackoverflow suggestions. As a result, the default open source nouveau driver missed too. And I stayed with a resolution something like 500×300.

There was nowhere to retreat, there was no waiting for help either, so I continued to torture myself, the laptop and the Google search. I’ll tell you straight away – the tale is over as usual – well (this is a fairy tale). But what exactly ended the suffering – I did not understand exactly. My last actions: prime-select nvidia – made sure that the nvidia was selected and it was. Then sudo nvidia-bug-report.sh – yes, I already thought of posting somewhere, and collected all data. And then I launched nvidia-smi , which once again hung up the entire screen and had to press a restart. But! after reboot, I could not believe my eyes … And who listened – well done.

Bonus. To add a second launcher for a second monitor – Settings -> Dock -> On both.
In general, it’s better to install Tweaks right away. There you can change the keyboard switch from Super (Windows) + Space, and other settings can be found.
But i did not managed to fix the login after suspend . I will be glad for the help. When logging out – everything is OK, but after the suspend, it writes that the wrong password and nothing helps 🙁 Only reboot.

Ps. This is all written for the default gdm3.

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