Test of cheap arduino camera OV7670

I purchased ov7670 camera and decided to repeat this article. With the connection it seems like everything is clear. Arduino’s code uploaded. Then I need a Windows – I found it from a friend. Have downloaded, unpacked java classes – do not start. We opened the source code – the code was compiled for a 32-bit system, for 64-bit it needs a reassembly. In addition, the packages javax.comm.* for 64-bit does not exist , and we are too lazy to install 32-bit jdk.

We downloaded rxtx (for example from here ), connected, changed imports javax.comm. * on gnu.io. * as required by rxtx. It is clear that win32com.dll is no longer needed. Started – dropped FileNotFound – corrected in source code a way where to save pictures. Hooray! A picture with a fog received. Twisted the camera focus. Be patient – it takes off quite slowly and adjusts well the focus is a little tedious (minutes 5). Quality is not so bad for 320×240:

ov7670 test

It is interesting that the first picture is normal, and all the rest are with such a vertical shift. We tried to fix it, but the arduino code is terrible, poking a couple of constants did not bring anything useful. To increase the size – it turned out to not just change the constants in the loop() function. To make pictures color – at all did not try.

On ubuntu, it’s also possible to start the run, not the problem – the main thing in java source code is to change COM* port to something like /dev/ttyUSB0. But it’s too easy, and it’s uncomfortable to open the picture from disk, and here – grabber, translates into the window. But it is sharpened for the following “colorspace”: rgb565, yuv422, raw, jpeg. And our black and white turns into a cool colorful garbage.

So far, somehow. If it rushes and I find something else, I’ll add it.

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