Citation file from google scholar and an article from sciHub in one click

Once a colleague, once again finding an interesting article on google scholar did a million moves – well, you know, for citation you need to click on the quotes under the article, and then in the opened window select the file format (BibTeX, EndNote, RefMan, RefWorks) and download it to put into the corresponding program. In addition, of course, download the article itself with sciHub – open sciHub, insert the previously copied link to the article – and download. And suddenly, looking at me – “you’re a programmer!”.
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Gitlab and sslerror in sending mails

There was a gitlab (10.4) and everything was fine, but one day, mails stopped coming. I opened the console (sudo gitlab-ctl tail) and found a sore – OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError: SSL_connect returned = 1 errno = 0 state = error: certificate verify failed . Without thinking for a long time i ran to the admins.
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Test of cheap arduino camera OV7670

I purchased ov7670 camera and decided to repeat this article. With the connection it seems like everything is clear. Arduino’s code uploaded. Then I need a Windows – I found it from a friend. Have downloaded, unpacked java classes – do not start. We opened the source code – the code was compiled for a 32-bit system, for 64-bit it needs a reassembly. In addition, the packages javax.comm.* for 64-bit does not exist , and we are too lazy to install 32-bit jdk.
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Gitlab-runner configuration

As I wrote in the previous entry , I updated gitlab and was going to configure ci. I decided to start with the standard gitlab-runner . Installed gitlab-runner, created docker image based on FROM ros: kinetic-ros -base-xenial using the dockerfile . Configured config.toml to work with the docker, registered test commands in .gitlab-ci.yml for the project. And tried to run:
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Problems with update gitlab 8.4 -> 10.1

Context. There is a gitlab-ce version 8.4.1 with a couple of old projects. It was planned to start new projects, so I want to update the system so that it will work the next couple of years.
What I did (Ubuntu 16.04): apt-get dist-upgrade && gitlab-ctl reconfigure . Yes, I’m fearless (the project code was cloned along with all the branches!). Gitlab was updated to 10.1, but it did not start.
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Unclear errors when working with ROS

1. The first place i am giving to a bunch of ROS with Gazebo (this is a simulator). The script is as follows: by the launch file the gazebo starts with the needed world, the robot model are spawned there, and then the controllers are started. You sit in the console, start the launch, look rostopic list – everything is fine, but when trying to listen any topic (rostopic echo /joint_states) – silence.
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