Drake and python friendship

As in the last article about drake there is a good tutorial, so again I will repeat a little. But there are some moments.

For example, the first step is to download libraries. But if you are from Russia or similar countries – Amazon will upset you again, and from the console this is incomprehensible:

curl -o drake.tar.gz https://drake-packages.csail.mit.edu/drake/nightly/drake-latest-[platform].tar.gz

Therefore (for example) we turn on the favorite vpn extension in the browser and download the release by hands from here.

Next, unzip:

rm -rf /opt/drake
tar -xvzf drake.tar.gz -C /opt

Check and install dependencies:

sudo /opt/drake/share/drake/setup/install_prereqs

Configure PYTHONPATH (better to put it in the .bashrc):

export PYTHONPATH='/opt/drake/lib/python2.7/site-packages:$PYTHONPATH'

And, that is all. You can see examples and go on. And here is the full python API.

Ps. Next, a little complain about the bike. Again, I forgot that all the good things were invented before us and, having run into the tutorial on launching the drake in the docker, decided to see what was inside. But at the same time I pulled out the course source, built drake and wanted to do exactly what was described above, and then I found an article in which everything was done before. MIT courses are really convenient to run with everything in the docker, especially since the folder between the host system and the docker system is immediately shared. But this time I will not repeat an article.

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