Control Theory and System Identification

About a year ago I taught the course “System Identification and Simulation”, but at the very beginning with the professor we decided to check how the masters remember Control Theory. As a result, the half of the semester slid to “Recall All”.

Here I want to save some links that I used to prepare for classes and other useful things.

I wrote the terms of homework at sharelatex but they recently merged with overleaf. Downloaded pdf from there and give to students.

A useful website , which describes the rules for transferring from diff equations to transfer functions or state space representation.
It also provides examples and explanations of how to build Bode plot manually.

To start with simulink and in general with charts, this book is very useful (from this project ). Very quickly run through the pictures.

About kahut probably already heard everybody, it is convenient and interesting for children to create mini-quizes.

WolframAlpha can even be used for transfer functions.

Multiple housework was at Lego Mindstorm EV3 . One of them was to implement a PID controller to move the robot along the line, for example, like here
And here is a library for programming Lego robot in Java called leJOS .

Why decibels is 20log10? An answer .

For KF (Kalman Filter), EKF (Extended KF), UKF (Unscented KF), PF (Particle F) filters, you would like to watch YouTube videos and this series . And the EKF tutorial is pretty straightforward: here

On the topic of Identification, I really liked the prof. Sergio Bittanti Model Identification and Data Analysis . The only thing is that the materials on practice are not in the most readable form and sometimes deviate from English into Italian 🙂

Practical analysis of control theory on arduino and examples of work with matlab (did not read, but it looks interesting)

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