Ubuntu 18.04, nvidia drivers and second monitor

I installed Ubuntu 18.04 from scratch (I decided to switch to ROS Melodic ). Understandable that ubuntu did not see nvidia drivers by default. But as it works – do not touch. But I decided to connect a second monitor … I checked hdmi cable … well, the second monitor is not exist anyway.

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Citation file from google scholar and an article from sciHub in one click

Once a colleague, once again finding an interesting article on google scholar did a million moves – well, you know, for citation you need to click on the quotes under the article, and then in the opened window select the file format (BibTeX, EndNote, RefMan, RefWorks) and download it to put into the corresponding program. In addition, of course, download the article itself with sciHub – open sciHub, insert the previously copied link to the article – and download. And suddenly, looking at me – “you’re a programmer!”.
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The first one!

Hello world! There is a lot of fun stuff going on with me. Pretty often I’m entertained by long and sparkling sex with all sorts off «technologies». I don’t think that this blog may help anyone to avoid those sweet hours but at least I will leave my old fellows behind a bit faster. I’m not going to retell old stories but only new ones! Regarding my rules, as this site is already restricting everything is prohibited so there are no rule. Let’s anarchy be! I’ll try to respond to everyone, thus you are welcome to heckle 🙂