Anet A6 and 3d printing

A month and a half ago, I went to the expense of and bought a 3d printer – Anet A6. This is my first experience, but I assembled and tuned it – and it prints! Well, that’s all I’ve done for now (except, I also plugged the buzzer), so I type and enjoy the process.
I’ve been collecting the thing during about 5 hours following the instructions. I didn’t read anything else – just went to the battle! Therefore, I will tell you about one moment – when assembling I peeled off the scotch from the bed – I thought that was the packaging (>..<). And then I screwed up several models, as they all got unstuck. On the Internet there are a lot of conversations regarding how to succeed, I have an ordinary paint tape that copes with it. The quality is good, there are enough photos on the Internet. That’s all I wanted to say. For the beginners I would advise to run at least one article before the start, for example, here.

ps. Unstick the film from the fabric-base laminate while assembling if you want it to be black, and not like in a video instruction, because you will not be happy to assemble a printer for the second time.

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